I tried to capture the essence of such a perfect structure, lightweight and graceful, in Stainless Steel. The eyes are very complex and I have used copper which is patinated to enhance the style.

It was important to be able to incorporate movement into this work.

Therefore I have created a simple joint that allows the dragonfly to 'rock' slightly and 'rotate' in the wind, this imparts a degree of reality and engages the observer.


 Eye detail


Hovering in a bed at my studio




 Hovering in a beautiful pond 



The Dragonfly is suitable for mounting in water or in a flower bed.

Set on a spike (in the ground) the Dragonfly appears to be hovering over flowering plants.

Set on a Tripod frame [ to suit the clients water feature ] the piece is most appealing.




Dragonfly on pond at Hidcote Manor (NT)