Foundry Bronze & Stainless Steel.

Artichoke Heads

A single head was carved in wax and modelled to explore the key features. A Mould was then created with a silicone liner, to allow removal. To allow bronze casting at the Foundry a "wax swill" is produced, removed from the mould and used in the "lost wax" or "investment casting" process.

The flower fronds are created using stainless steel wire and a stem of the required length is added.

The two metals are joined using the TIG Brazing  technique, which also forms the stem striations.

The Bronze is then patinated using a gas flame. 




 Artichoke Stems 




 A study of artichokes, as cut stems as if dried. Different patinations show the character of these amazing plant forms. 





Artichoke Plant


A study of artichokes, one of each flowering, emergent and bud heads cast in bronze mounted on a stainless steel stem. approx. 80cm high. The flame patination will gradually turn to a natural green with exposure.

 The flowering head is also available as a "dried" specimen for display in a vase indoors.